James Victor Morris

November 30, 1913 - March 8, 2009
Robert Morris (1735-1829)
Henry Morris (1780-1855)
Peter Morris (1803-1890)
Henry Morris (1824-1910)
George Washington Morris (1856-1925)
Vinson Milo Morris (December 6, 1882 - Aug 27, 1939)
James Victor Morris (Nov 30, 1913 - Mar 8, 2009)

Vinson Milo Morris was born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, December 6, 1882, the son of George Washington Morris (1856-1925) and Nora Lee Pluma Michael Morris (1863-1937).

George was the son of Henry Morris (1824-1910) and Eliza Morris (1828-1901). Eliza was the daughter of John Morris and Jemima Pipes Morris.

Henry was the son of Peter Morris (1803-1890) and Elizabeth Renner (1801-1866).

Peter was the son of Henry Morris (1780-1855) and Edith "Edy" Hickman (1792-1852). Henry Morris and Edy Hickman Morris are buried in the Ankrom Cemetery, Noble County, Ohio, near Batesville, Ohio.

Henry was the son of Robert Morris (1735-1816) and Elizabeth Ellerson. Robert and Elizabeth were married February 10, 1762, in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They were buried on the Morris Farm "Liberty Hall" in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Robert was the son of John Morris (1695-1769) and Jacomyntie White (1697-1784) of Squankum, New Jersey, now Farmingdale, NJ. They were married November 15, 1716.

John was the son of Lewis Morris (1655-1694) and Elizabeth Almy Morris.

Lewis was the son of Thomas Morris, of the Island of Barbados, and Grace Morris. His will (November 21, 1670) is on file at the Island of Barbados in Bridgeton, the capital city. Lewis Morris was the first Morris of our line to come to America to New Jersey.

Thomas Morris was the son of William Morris and was born about 1630. The original William Morris had four sons: Lewis, William, Thomas and Richard. William Morris owned the estate of Tintern Castle.

Vinson Morris is a descendant of two Revolutionary War soldiers, Robert Morris and Rhodam Rogers (1756-1843). Rogers is buried in Eagle District, Harrison County, West Virgina.

James Victor Morris was born November 30, 1923. He died Sunday, March 8, 2009. James wrote the History of Enterprise which can be found the Fackbook page of Susan Moore.

In Remembrance
James V. Morris

By Jeff Yokum, with information from the Times West Virginian and Historical Jackson's Mill - A Walking Tour

      In 1924, a young man named James V. "J.V." Morris joined the Enterprise Comrades 4-H Club in Harrison County. Mr. Morris would become a life-time supporter of 4-H and Jackson's Mill.

      Over the years, he would recall memories of drinking out of the spring that was used by the Jackson family for drinking water. The spring was still in existence when he first visited the Mill in 1925., but was later removed during the excavation for the foundation of Blaker's Mill. As Mr. Morris recalled, the spring was about 6 feet wide and 30 inches high. It was made of field stones and a huge flat rock covered the top. Because of his experiences as a 4-H member Mr. Morris became an ardent fundraiser to provide scholarships for 4-H members to attend conferences at Jackson's Mill. In 1940, C.H. (Uncle Charlie) Hartley named him to the Teepi Kendrick Scholarship Committee. Mr. Morris's efforts and service record where recognized when he was inducted into the West Virginia 4-H All Star Association in 1953.

     . As a testament to his service, the All Star Rose Garden, which was established in the 1960's added his name in 1975 to become the James V. Morris All Star Rose Garden. the star in the middle of the garden's trellis represents the emblem of the All Star Association. A plaque honoring James Morris was placed in the garden, just below the star. Born on November 30, 1923, to the late Vinson M. Morris and Gertie Maud Fortney Morris, James Morris passed away on Sunday, March 8, 2009.

      Mr. Morris graduated from Clay District High School (later Shinnston H.S.) in 1932. He attended college first at Fairmont State College before receiving his M.A. degree from WVU. Mr. Morris began his teaching career, with a provisional teaching certificated, at the one-room Bice School in 1935, teaching grades 1-4. It was during this time that he completed his bachelor's degree from Fairmont State. He then taught at Enterprise School for two years before transferring to Shinnston High School

      Mr. Morris's teaching career was interrupted in December 1942, at which time he entered the US Naval Reserves to serve his country during World War II, serving aboard the USS Arkansas in the Pacific Theater. He served as a Lieutenant in top secret communications on the staff of Admiral Glover

      After the war ended in 1945, Mr. Morris returned to teaching at Adamston Jr. High School and perused his M.A. Degree from WVU at that time. Afterward, Mr. Morris became the West Virginia Representative to the textbook publishers D.C. Heath and Company, of Boston, retiring in 1969.

      Mr. Morris's star served as a shining example of his life and even now helps to illuminate the 4-H trail for others to follow.

My mother Virginia B. Stiles attended 4H camp with James V. Morris in 1926, I don't know which one is James but he is probably one of the young boys sitting on the ground.

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