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Material that can be found in

Harrison County Genealogy Room

Located on second floor of Waldomore

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This is a copy of what I sent to another individual who asked what was in the West Virginia collection.
compiled by Diana

(1)  -  I have revised it to add more info. The society has purchased quite a few of Wes Cochran's publications to place in the library. These include cemetery readings, marriage records, and census records for most of WV's north central counties.

(2)  -  Census records in book form:
We have 1790, 1800 but it only lists the head of household. Before 1790 we have a set of volumes that contain the 1787 tax lists(tithables) for VA including the counties in WV.

--------We have 1810, 1820, an extraction of: 1830 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920

--------We have: 1930 for all WV counties on microfilm. William Marsh's 1880 census.

(3)  -  You can search the 1880 the online at LDS's website:   Family Search

(4)  -  You can locate Harrison County birth, death, and marriage records online at WV Division of Culture and History  or directly to  WV Births/Deaths/Marriages  from many of WV counties where you can download original images to save and print.

      (Again there is the problem with interpetation of what the person extracting thinks is being spelled.)

(5)  -  Harrison County was formed from Monongalia County in 1784 so you can find marriage records back that far and birth and deaths weren’t recorded officially until 1853 so you won’t find earlier one and they weren’t legally required to report births and deaths until 1917 so you may find some and you may not.

(6)  -  We also have Harrison marriage records in book form.

--------We have in book form:

(6)  -  Index to Harrison County wills.

(7)  -  Copy of Ross Johnston's WV Estate Settlements with extractions of persons mentioned in wills.

(8)  -  A set of volumes by Rick Toothman and Melbe Pender Zinn of Monongalia Court Records, marriage and census records for Marion Co.

(9)  -  Cemetery records for Marion and Harrison

(10)  -  Family histories that people have compiled and given a copy to the library

(11)  -  Various records for most of central WV especially those surrounding Harrison and formed from parts of Harrison Co.

(12)  -   We have material for the other counties but not as numerous.

(13)  -  We have various records from counties in PA, VA, OH, KY that border WV counties.

(14)  -  We have books that have lists and info on Revolutionary War pensioners.

(15)   -   We given a set of books, “Hardesty’s WV encyclopedia” which has biographical into about various persons in the different counties.

(16)  -   Guy Tetrick, the editor of Clarksburg Telegram, collected genealogical info by having people fill out forms listing their spouses, dates of birth, death, and marriages, their children, their parents, bros and sisters, grandparents, great grandparents, and more if they knew it. He was collecting this in the late 1920s and early 1930s.
We have his collection of forms on microfilm. Sometimes these are useful and sometimes people didn't have their info straight, but that's okay. We all make mistakes.

(17)  -   There are copies purchased by the society of recent family history books from various WV counties such as the big red book the HCGS and HC Historical sponsored several years ago and that's been sold out since last year.

(18)  -   There are books researched and compiled by individuals on their specific family that are bought by HCGS, the library, or donated by individuals to be placed in the WV room. There are other family histories that individuals have compiled and donated a copy to the library that aren't/haven't been for sale, just something that someone put together. These are in a section and are alphabetized by the surname.

(19)  -   Books that have been catalogued are in a separate section. Uncatalogued books and material are placed together in a section that is alphabetized by county.

(20)  -   Books with VA counties not WV are in a section that contains other states such as MD, PA, and OH.

(21)  -   If there is a cemetery book, census book, marriage book, death records book, birth records book for Harrison and surrounding WV counties, it has most likely been purchased and placed in the West Virginia room.

(22)  -   Dottie Riffle and Barbara Hamilton keep up the obit collection in hard copy form.

(23)  -   Bible Records, Book Form: Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram extracts (family stories, Bible records)

(25)  -   County Histories, Book Form: Harrison County: 1800s, early 1900s; Dorthy Davis’ History of Harrison County; Harrison County 1784-1995 (pub. By HCGS & HC Historical Society) Miscellaneous publications for other counties and also for some counties in Pennsylvania. More recent (bordering) county histories published by genealogical societies.

(26)  -   Land Records, Frederick County, MD land records; Also 1730-1830 first family settlements, Back Creek Valley.

(27)  -   Harrison County Court Minutes on micro-film

. Sorry that an accounting of each individual item contained in the WV room is not possible at this time as David is the only employee who works this special collection and it would take months for an individual to do it.

Newer books and materials are catalogued at the main library and thank goodness the older books and material are still on the shelf to be used.

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